Disc filter FDV

The ST Macchine FDV disc filter is designed for water clarification and fibre recovery applications and it is composed by a series of discs with diameters of 3000 mm or 3800 mm.

The disc filter is mainly used for white water cleaning in the paper machine loop (second white water).
It is allowing to produce filtered water to be reused in the mill to minimize the fresh water consumption.

High efficiency is achieved by adding sweetner to help the formation of the panel.

Disc sectors are assembled on a central shaft with full visibility of flow channels: the pulp formation of the panel starts under vacuum, then the pulp is detached from the sectors by a high pressure spraying pipe and is removed by a screw conveyor positioned on the side part of the vat.

The cloudy and filtered water flow out of the central holed shaft through a special valve with particular design.

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