Pressurized headbox

The pressurized headbox is the most flexible solution that allows to operate in a wide range of consistency and speed for fourdrinier applications.

A conical header distributes uniformly the pulp to a two stages plastic step diffuser. After the step diffuser the pulp goes into an expansion chamber that is pressurized. In the expansion chamber two perforated and rotating rolls guarantee an optimal effect of fiber mixing and defloculation.

After the rolls the pulp is accelerated in the nozzle until the exit from the headbox where the special geometry of the bottom lip plus the fine adjustment of the top lip allow to obtain a very good basis weight profile.

All the surfaces in contact with the stock are mirror polished with finishing grade of 0,2 µm.

The headbox can be equipped with optional device as per foam extraction and also with a vacuum/pressure system in case of very low speed applications. Inside the pressurized chamber, not in contact with the pulp, is positioned a crossing rotating shower for cleaning purpose. As per option two side deckles to prevent the overflow of the pulp from the wire can be supplied.

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