The fourdrinier is the section of the Paper Machine positioned between the headbox and the presses where the sheet is formed and dewatered. It can be one or more layers and it has always a specific configuration according with the type of production, the paper machine speed and the available spaces. ST Macchine is able to design and produce tailor made solutions as small modification, or a fourdrinier length extension or a completely new turn key solution. Main components of the fourdrinier that ST Macchine produce are:

  • Beams and cantilever simple or C-frame
  • System for lowering the breast roll or the wire drive roll
  • Doctors fixed or oscillating
  • Wire tensioners manual, electric or pneumatic
  • Saveall, channel and silo for white water, designed in order to improve the deareation
  • Suction couch rolls
  • Automation


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