Conical refiner FCR

The ST Macchine conical refiner FCR is normally installed on virgin fibre lines but also on waste paper applications.

Thanks to the design of the fillings, the fibers can be treated with low intensity resulting in the best product qualities. Its special design combines gentle and homogeneus fibre treatment from refiner inlet to outlet.

Conical refiner increases the fibrillation action and reduces to the minimum the fiber cut.

For the best refining result the most important requirement is to maintain precise control of the gap clearance combined with fillings tailored correctly to the stock. The ST Macchine conical refiner features a cantilevered design with fixed stator and moving rotor. The stable filling gap is maintained by means of a special gearmotor with 2 speed arrangements.

The machine has a simple and robust structure, a compact design and is equipped with a special device for an easy change of the fillings.

Fast maintenance since the refiner elements are easily accessible.

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