High density cleaners DPD

This cleaner is especially suitable to remove heavy contaminants such as sand, small stones and paper clips from pulp suspensions having 3 ÷ 5% consistency.

Separation is obtained through a centrifugation process that is performed by subjecting the pulp to a fast rotation and to a subsequent pressure drop in the inlet winding frame. Therefore, the cleaner has no moving parts and can afford a long life guarantee accompanied by simple maintenance operations.

After separation, the heavy parts fall along the conical part and are collected in the junk trap that can be operated in manual or automatic mode. The stock cleaned goes up in the centre of the cleaner for the following treatment process.

By removing heavy contaminants the high consistency cleaner protects pressurized screens, refiners, deflakers from damages or fast wearing enhancing their performances.

A wide range of models also with automatic discharge of the contaminants are available to meet heavy-duty production requirements.