Vibrating screen VST

Vibrating screens are used whenever it is necessary to perform a screening to remove the light impurities contained in the stock previously treated, both in the waste paper and virgin pulp plants. They are also suitable to remove impurities as last stage of screening systems. Vibrating screen, thanks to its vibrating movement and washing action obtained through the barrier of pressure showers, allows the removal of contaminants, which comes out without fibers. The vibrating screen consists of a perforated plate with conical shaped holes (different measures accordingly to the applications) assembled on a frame for the collection of the accepted stock. By an adjustable weir, it is possible to set the working level inside of the machine.

The perforated plate, made of stainless steel, is supported by means of 4 spiral springs mounted on the vibrating screen body (manufactured Aisi 304 or 316). Vibration frequency is determined by means of different positions of the mass located inside the vibrating motor. After welding, the whole structure is subject to a stress relieving treatment. Our machines are available in three models suitable for stocks from low consistency up to max. 5%.